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Types of Annuity

Lifetime Annuity

A guaranteed income for the rest of your life

A standard conventional annuity guarantees to pay you a fixed amount of income every year, for the rest of your life. This can be useful if you want to make sure your basis expenses are always covered, and that you never run out of money. If you are a smoker, suffer from any kind of health issue, or you are taking at least two forms of medication, you may qualify for an enhanced annuity. This means the insurance company will offer you a higher level of income. You can also opt to link your income to inflation, so when inflation increase, so does your income, although this will mean starting on a lower income than for a standard annuity.

A Lifetime Annuity May Be Suitable For You If

  • You want a guaranteed income for the rest of your life
  • You don’t want to take any investment risk
  • You are not concerned about the effect of inflation eroding you income
  • You take any medication, are a smoker, or have medical conditions
  • You want to protect your fund, or leave an income to a loved one

Things to consider

Unless you include death benefits in your plan, your income will stop when you die.
There are different types of death benefit:

  • Joint life - Leave a proportion of your income to your loved one (up to 100%).
  • Guarantee period - Your income will be paid for a certain period (up to 30 years) even if you die within that period.
  • Value protection - If you die before receiving the purchase value back, the remainder is paid to your estate. Including death benefits usually has the effect of lowering the amount of income you receive.

Fixed Term Annuity

A guaranteed income for a fixed term, and guaranteed maturity value at the end of that term

The fixed term annuity is often thought of as a half-way house between an annuity and income draw down. You can choose how much income you want for a given term (usually up to 25 years), and you are given a guaranteed lump-sum. You can also choose to have the guaranteed lump-sum set to zero, take maximum income and effectively deplete your pension fund over a fixed number of years. Unlike an annuity, you are not locked in for life and, unlike draw down, you don’t need to worry about investment risk. Some fixed term annuity providers allow you to vary the amount of income you are taking within the term.

A Fixed Term Annuity May Be Suitable For You If

  • You would like a secure income, with some flexibility
  • You don’t want to lock in to an income for life
  • You would like the option to review your circumstances in the future
  • You don’t want to take any investment risk
  • You want to access your tax free cash

Things To Consider

  • Although you will get a guaranteed lump-sum at the end of the term, you can’t guarantee what income that will provide.
  • Unless you included death benefits in your plan, your income may stop if you die before the maturity date and your beneficiaries may not be paid the maturity value.

The maturity value may be less than if your pension fund was invested in a draw down pension plan where plan where you choose where to invest your pension fund.